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Actress SN Lakshmi dead

SN Lakshmi, the actress performing as a widow in the first half of this bit of Micheal Madana Kama-rajan, is dead. She was a regular in a lot of recent Kamal movies. I distinctly remember her superb role as Kamal’s mom-in-law in Mahanadhi. Naturally gifted actress. I miss her with a pang. She was 85.

Tambourine Man

One of the first songs I liked of Dylan and one of the best. But lyrics are so bizarre, wonder if it is a drug trip.

Yuddham Sei

Why so pretentious, Mysskin?

Chabrol no more

Claude Chabrol is dead. I always thought I would get around to watching at least one of him movies before he dies.  That sounds so selfish, but I feel a real sense of loss and disappointment. Loss that he is no more and disappointment in myself that I never got to know him through his movies.

With luck, I will be able to set right the second feeling.


A guy of superhuman strength meets a beautiful girl and falls head over heels. Much of the movie takes place as they take a car ride from Bangalore to Mumbai. Director Lingusamy breathes life into what is otherwise a formulaic, dull and uninteresting affair. Karthi’s overcooked expressions are beginning to get on my nerves and Tamannaah seems indifferent to the proceedings at times.  Why is Tamil film music suffering so? I can hardly appreciate Yuvan’s songs for the movie though the background score keeps with his tradition of creating loud scores. As pic is efficiently done and is never boring, a box office hit can be expected.

Karthik calling Karthik

I hate it when an illness like schizophrenia is used for entertainment purposes. They hardly do the same for typhoid or common cold, do they? Besides, the plot is razor thin and the second hour of the movie drags on without respite. Acting by Farhan Akthar is the only strong point, though the crowd was totally wooed by Deepika Padukone.