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Corona scare

Don’t be scared when they ask you to be

Don’t stay at home if you don’t want to,

After all, it’s your home.

The tea-shops in my neighbourhood are open,

So are millions of others in the country.

You never brought this on to yourself

They did, they are responsible.

My heart breaks to see people die in their millions all around me;

It breaks me into half when my autowallah can’t hit the roads

But how is all of this my fault? Why should I be the one to bear the cross?

How I ate a lot of icecream

I ate a family pack of icecream all by myself. Meant to actually eat it over a few days, but didn’t. And to think that the icecream was lousy. Made in the Ambattur Industrial Estate, Amritha Icecreams did make me feel good about buying it, but not eating it. I guess I will stick to Arun, which is only slightly more expensive. And oh, the flavour I tasted: Coffee with Chocolate chips. Sounds rich, doesn’t it? But as I said was lousy. 🙂
And, um, I have a cold now.

The Fight for Kisses

The ad should have been at least 30 seconds shorter, I thought. But you decide.

Link, via Chandrachoodan. 


Many of my friends in Tamil Nadu must have already seen it. This is for those who haven’t.