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Hackers beware!

You are now messing with a paid-for blog. So, please stop hacking. If you have a grudge, pick up the mobile and dial 9940495087. I am well aware that some blog posts have been deleted in the past. I am willing to let sleeping dogs lie.

My continuing stint with TNM: From Ilaiyaraaja to Mumbai film festival

filmOn Tuesday, October 24, 2017, IV Sasi died. The obit I wrote for the Malayalam cinema’s box-office king was published in The News Minute (TNM).

I attended the film festival organised by Mumbai Academy of the Moving Image. My article, with short summaries of all the films I saw, is here.  

Most of the articles I wrote for TNM are here. Click through to read them. As many as 12 articles were published between July 7, 2015 and October 25. 2017.

Going Social

I have gone social. This just means that there are quite a lot of cute buttons I have added at the end of each post. You are welcome to click on them. I would like for you to use these buttons to share my posts with your friends and family. And, as always, I hope to blog more, so that you can put these buttons to good use. Thanks, and happy clicpointerking.

Blogging, connecting, culture

I began blogging a couple of years ago with the impression that it is a loser’s past-time. Instead of the night-out at Satyam Cinemas or a disco like my friends, I sat by the computer, hour after hour, making sentences up. Only the pleasure of misusing my office computer kept me going. I began, rather clandestinely I imagined, writing for anybody who cared to read. Continue reading

Subscribe to my RSS

If you are new here and want to keep reading my blog ( most of it consists of Tamil movie reviews like the one below), please subscribe to my RSS feed. Just click on the Orange icon to the right.


That might sound like I am embracing all my readers with open arms. I am a bit hesitant to do such things. I wanted to move to WordPress long ago, but was delaying because I thought the move might affect my meagre readership.

But now, finally I have summoned the nerve to do so. You will notice plenty that is wrong with this site. Do write in your comments. I promise to consider your comments and if necessary change things around.

This site is under construction. All my old post and comments are already here. But I have not added feeds and filled up the About page for starters. But, so that you know, I am working on it!


Just figured out how to add the delicious thingy on to my blog. Please add me if you are on delicious.