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My review of a biography of AR Rahman is here. The number of “hits” on my blog has just crossed 78,000. I am happy. This does not include hits to my old blog. If you are a bit confused, checking … Continue reading

The Outlook 3

As Acham Enbathu Madamaiyada was released, I did a story on Gautham Menon. When I grew tired of superhero movies, I did this article for Outlookindia.com. My take on everybody’s favourite dragon story was published here.

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Reviewing for Rediff

It began not so spectacularly on September 10, 2007. I have done 10 reviews so far. Here are the movies: The first one was Seena Thaana 001. I travelled all the way to Mayajaal outside the city to review this movie. Wasn’t worth it. Actor Prasanna was to have a much better year in 2008.

I actually liked Satham Podathey. Not many people did. The movie flopped. Vague questions about my reviewing skills popped into my head and really tore me apart after I watched Thavam. I did not know what to write after watching a movie so depressing. For once, I had writer’s block.

ATM is one of those movies which is really bad, but is still fun to watch. Fans preparing to scream were so put off, I heard groans and yawns all through this movie. Kept me awake. The final monologue by Shreya on karpu was a new low for Tamil cinema last year.

Kannamoochi Enada was the only movie I did not pay to watch. Meaning, I saw it in a preview theatre. Was so elated that I gave it a big thumbs up. Became a sleeper hit in multiplexes but flopped elsewhere.

I did like Oram Po. Pretty good effort, but lacked focus.

Billa sucked to me. But I tempered my review so that Ajith fans don’t call me names like Vijay fans had for ATM. But still name calling is a big past time for many online commentators.

Pirivom Sandhippom was a fairly good effort, if it had been a documentary. Realism is often more dramatic and magical than melodrama. Though the director kept the movie real, it was a turn off as nothing dramatic ever happened.

Anjathe was probably the best of the movies I reviewed. Apart from a few scenes, which I am ready to forgive Mysskin for, the movie was fantastic. But too long.

Thotta was the worst movie and came close to Thavam in its ability to depress. I crawled out and typed off the top of my head.

5 years back, if anyone told me that a big website would pay me to watch movies and write my opinion about them, I would have scoffed at them. That’s exactly what is happened today.

The best part about writing online is you have no word limit. And a career which should have begun with Kireedam (I fell ill that day), is blossoming today. I hope to give it a quite burial soon.