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Kaatrin Mozhi

The review of Mozhi will be published tomorrow. I know it’s an old movie, but I saw just last week. What am I supposed to do? 🙂

Sympathy for the Devil

When Mick Jagger, then in the prime of his age, crooned, “What is puzzling you is the nature of my game,” it’s hard to ignore him. Not that this is a great song. Which it is. What attracts me these days is the crooning. I always chuckle when I hear the line, “Use all your well-learned politesse, Or I’ll lay your soul to waste”.

Ironically, I first listened this song as played by Blood, Sweat and Tears. I never liked the Rolling Stones version of it. Until this friend send it to me on a CD. Well, enjoy.

Hello Mr. Ethir Katchi

I remember watching this song from Iruvar for the first time in the theatre. It was an unique experience. Ash couldn’t act back then (she later proved she could with Raincoat), but boy wasn’t she lovely to look at!

Kaiser Chiefs

One reason why you may not have heard of Kaiser Chiefs is because the band, which has made an impact on the British rock scene, is yet to storm the US market. Here’s their hit song Ruby, which is peaked at No 1 in February. Listen in.

Kaiser Chiefs official website.
Link via Talgeri.


Wanna listen to music on a blog without downloading from the Net? Here you go.

Friend Talgeri had suggested this blog a long time back.

ARR and Mani

The first song is from Guru.


This second one is from a A.R. Rehman concert.


A rock song from Kerala

Almost a decade after Hindi took the pop route, here’s a Malayalam band playing catchup. Avial, named perhaps after the tasty dish, is a five-member band. I have listened to the song a couple of times and the band does seem talented. The video is professionally shot. Do have a look. Boy, aren’t my Mal friends going to go mad after hearing them. Or may be they will be sceptical. Who knows? More about the band here.

Thanks, Sri for letting me know about them.