Jackie – Inside the White House

Saw Jackie, the movie on the former First Lady of the US, and want to write my thoughts on it. Natalie Portman portrays Jacqueline Kennedy as a widow, who has the inner reserves to make a difference in the crucial days following the assassination of her husband John F Kennedy.

The lead performance is towering and played with endless compassion by Portman as the camera swoops into many close-ups including the one that begins the movie. She is unlucky to have not won the Oscar this year, seeing as it were that she was up against Emma Stone’s enormously popular performance in La La Land.

The movie essays back and forth as if travelling in Jackie’s memory. The tour of the White House, flawlessly reconstructed with Jackie playing the charming hostess, was broadcast and seen by millions of viewers. This film, along with sYousuf-Karsh-John-and-Jackie-Kennedy-1957-1644x1960imilarly captured moments, form important parts of the movie. Jackie’s conversation with a priest, played by John Hurt before his death, also plays out as a riveting piece of the action, especially when the priest recounts the parable of Jesus and the blind man. The movie is also a throwback to the days when Jackie shared a close bond with Robert F Kennedy (Peter Sarsgaard), who bitterly complains about the family legacy that had gone wrong with the death of the president.

Jackie is also shown as wandering through the elegant and well-kept rooms of the White House in a daze. She is also shown self-medicating herself along with large swigs of vodka. She is also seen chain smoking through an interview with an unnamed journalist portrayed by Billy Crudup. But the show must go on, and it does.

The Oscar-nominated music by Mica Levi is haunting and provides perfect thrust at many of the movie’s dramatic moments. I thought the movie should have ended better; the ballroom sequence seemed a bit tacky. The movie is directed by Pablo Larrain and written by Noah Oppenheim.

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