Ooty-Part II

The cold is getting to me. It can be depressing. But I fight valiantly. Writing on the blog, tweeting and reading keep me going.

There are sparrows in Ooty. Most of the sparrows in Chennai are dead and that city is trying hard to bring back the once common bird. The increasing number of cell phone towers is the reason for the birds to die. In Ooty, you can wake up to the morning call of the birds. The roads are home to goats too. I haven’t seen any such thing in Chennai.

Many theaters have been closed in town over the last few years. Only one is still open. So that is a dampener. We, in fact, live near the old Alankar Theater. However, Ganapathy Theaters fight against closure deserves a pat in the back. When we arrived in town two weeks ago, they were screening Kakkamuttai, which has worn the heart of critics. Now they are showing Papanasam, which was the first movie I caught in this hill station.  But the audio is horrible.

They are many messes in and around home. Harini Mess seems to be the best and most recommended. But they function only during peak hours. Coffee and tea in Gramathu Kadai (Village Shop) is pretty good. In fact, tea is good across town because it is cultivated here.

Higginbotham is the biggest bookstore in town. I bought two books and magazines. I am planning to review at least one book. My wife gifted the other book to her collegue’s wife.

I often get the feeling that I am far from home, while this is my new home. I also am surprised when I hear Tamil spoken on the street. It feels like they speak my native tongue in a strange country. This is, however, not true. Ooty is only three hours from Coimbatore and isn’t really a strange land. I have no clue why I feel i am in alien territory. I guess I will get used to Ooty being my new home.

More later. Thanks for reading.

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