Ooty – Part 1


It is cold. So cold it freezes my feet when I try to sleep. The locals are used to it. But coming from hot Chennai, I need that extra woollen blanket. Dhenuka loves the cold. So do I. I pull my feet inside and go into a womblike position to sleep.

I haven’t been to the botanical garden. Not even to the lake. This is a not a tour of the town. Just an excuse to let friends and family know that I have moved here. Also, this is an excuse to revive my blog after years of idling.

I have been to the municipal market. It is huge considering that the town is so small. You get all sorts of stuff. So Dhenuka and I go belt hunting. Both of us have lost weight. But no luck. They don’t have our sizes. I make a mental note to buy one in Coimbatore, which is three hours away.

It is gonna get colder. I look to the winter with dread. In October and November, it rains cats and dogs. And it gets colder in December. During the first trip here – when we were house hunting – it was raining non-stop. After moving our stuff into a house in Green Fields, the rains have stopped. The sun came out, at first without effect and then slowly it got warmer. I still wear a sweater. I haven’t worn one in a long time. So I admire my visage every time I leave home.

You can’t see that many people without sweaters, mufflers, shawls and blazers. In Dhenuka’s college, which is more than half-an-hour away, students are required to wear blazers in addition to their ID cards.

The house has two bedrooms. We have dumped all our clothes in one and are sleeping in the other. We have access to hot water, which is a boon. We haven’t unpacked completely and haven’t started cooking. I like eating out, so it is cool.

Our house is surrounded by joints – from non-veg messes to Jain food to the usual multi-cuisine affair. We are broke and happier for it.

I will write more when I get the time.

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