Actress SN Lakshmi dead

SN Lakshmi, the actress performing as a widow in the first half of this bit of Micheal Madana Kama-rajan, is dead. She was a regular in a lot of recent Kamal movies. I distinctly remember her superb role as Kamal’s mom-in-law in Mahanadhi. Naturally gifted actress. I miss her with a pang. She was 85.

2 responses to “Actress SN Lakshmi dead

  1. First of all I am sorry to be posting, what may be a random garbage to you, like an intruder. But please go through this and help us.

    This is a rather tragic story of some helpless employees working in C-DAC, Trivandrum a government of India organisation under DeiTY. Please help us by spreading or posting some advice. Please do not see this as a bogus post or the one intended for ‘hits’. Please spread.


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