Chabrol no more

Claude Chabrol is dead. I always thought I would get around to watching at least one of him movies before he dies.  That sounds so selfish, but I feel a real sense of loss and disappointment. Loss that he is no more and disappointment in myself that I never got to know him through his movies.

With luck, I will be able to set right the second feeling.

2 responses to “Chabrol no more

  1. Hello,
    Reached this blog through this link that I found while searchin for a poem of your grandfather.. ‘nee yaar’.. heard a bit of it in a documentary of the same name few days back and have been searchin for it since then.. It would be very kind of you to send me an english translation of this poem… I am in complete awe of his writing.. have asked my chennai based friends to send me translations of his books but that would take some time and I can’t wait to read this particular poem.. hence, bothering you..

    thanks and regards,


  2. Brilliant stuff!


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