Monthly Archives: January 2010

Adoor again

Malayalam film-maker Adoor Gopalakrishnan belongs to that rare breed of directors who keep re-inventing themselves to remain relevant. His films do not depend on instant box-office success, but on the more-elusive critical acclaim. A conversation with Adoor can have as many pauses as in his films; and just like his works, always reflects his social concerns. Continue reading


Sathyam: A theatre of my dreams

Capitalizing on Crash winning the 2004 best picture Oscar, Sathyam Cinemas released it soon after the movie’s upset victory over Brokeback Mountain that year. I always look forward to catching Oscar winners in the theatre and booked tickets for two early in the week.

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Books downloaded from the web hit stores

Writing that first appeared on websites of Tamil writers, in particular of a trio of ‘superstars’, is storming the world of alternative Tamil publishing as the 33th Chennai Book Fair gets underway in the city on Wednesday. As a result, two different media — the internet and print — seen in popular perception as being vastly different, are depending on each other in a singular fashion in Tamil media. Also contrasting styles adopted by different publishers over what to publish and what to trash has triggered a debate over the quality of the books published off the net. Continue reading