Monthly Archives: December 2009

The magic of Twitter

Anyone would expect it to be an innocuous service on the Internet asking a rather trivial four-word question. What are you doing? Turns out that millions of people want to answer and share it too — in  what is now a famous 140 words or less. Today, even as Twitter is playing catch up with its social media big brothers — Facebook and MySpace– the geeks in Chennai are gathering on Sunday to discuss the ways Twitter is changing lives. Continue reading

Artist beats a lonely path

Poosapati Parameshwar Raju has had teachers, but when it comes to drawing pictorial representations of the Devanagari script on paper, he has beaten a lonely path. The 47-year-old artist, who has brought an exhibition of his paintings to Apparao Art Gallery in the city, is the lone exponent of the art form that he has made his own. Continue reading

There’s a bit of Jack in Jake

The thing that was most obvious about Avatar I thought was it would end in a tragedy, just like Titanic had. But the movie upends that. I also thought that there was a bit of Jack, Leonardo Di Capiro’s character in the 1997 megamelodrama, in Jake Sully, Sam Worthington’s character in Avatar. But with its message of environmentalism, anti-war tone, and love between races, Avatar might just become a watershed event in movie history just like Titanic had done. But I noticed that some of my fellow movie-goers at Devi Cinemas in Chennai had trouble understanding the movie and its concept of avatar, an Indian word. Also, the story of the mining activity in a distant planet of Pandora has its echo in Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh.