I remember listening to the music from the movie, Thiruda Thiruda, one of A R Rahman’s early works in Tamil. This was before his graduation to Bollywood and at the time was one of his best albums. Blue, Rahman’s first after bringing home the Oscars, shares a similarity with TT. You possibly can’t get the music the first few times you listen to it. I am playing it on the loop now and though the music isn’t bad, it is not a patch on Rahman’s earlier works. Download it instead of buying the album, if you can.

2 responses to “Blue

  1. i remember ThirudaThiruda! it was my first ar rahman offering and i have been a big fan of his pre-bollywood phase. the thing about producers here is that their bad taste tarnishes every creative urge! remember Roja? thankfully the hindi version kept most of the original tunes. i think rahman sir has become canny and launches the hindi versions of his tamil film songs BEFORE the bollywood creatures get “inspired” from his music! ditto RHTDM and Saathiya and Yuva – the original tamil songs made it to audiences up north. there have been a few gems even during this post-bolly phase: jodha akbar’s “khwaja mere khwaja” and, i whisper this with embarrassment, “chiggy wiggy”!!


  2. yuva was a bilingual film and i dont know what RHTDM is. but i think rahman takes his tamil tunes into hindi because it is convenient not to avoid copying by other composers


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