Cronkite as a picture of sanity

Just saw the video of Walter Cronkite announcing the death of JFK. News gathering, it is apparent, was harder those days. The death of the president is not confirmed for over half an hour after its occurence. But what stuck me was the sanity that prevails in the coverage. The number of times that Cronkite makes it clear that the news is not confirmed. The way he stays so unflappable. He doesn’t, contrary to most TV news coverage in India these days, drive anyone hysterical. No wonder he is remembered in this fashion.

4 responses to “Cronkite as a picture of sanity

  1. “contrary to most TV news coverage in India these days”

    It is far worser in US these days. I was there when MJ dies and boy, it was maddening.



  2. Cronkite himself wasnt too happy about dan rather, his successor at CBS. he accused Rather of playing a TV anchor instead of being one. read this in NYT.

    so, anyways, standards in the US too are pretty bad. though i don’t watch much TV, too many films spoof the news coverage. seen Network? it is quite good.


  3. I agree abt Indian news discretion either in what they show nor in how they speak..esp that guy on IBN..he keeps blowing his head off!


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