Scribbling again

Top of my head thoughts on the biggest movies of 2008, critically speaking.

Gran Torino : That’s is the name of a car, which plays a central role in the movie. I really loved what Eastwood had done with a simple script on complex issues such as racism. Pic is down to earth and efficiently shot. Eastwood plays a Korea war veteran who becomes a reluctant messiah for his neighbourhood after his wife passes away.

Rachel Getting Married: Lovely, lovely movie. Hardly could think it was Demme, the guy who made Silence of the Lambs, who was at work behind the camera telling the stories of two sisters, one of them who is about to get married, the other trying to kick an early addiction to drugs.Also a complete retake on what used to be the turf of romantic comedies.

Happy-Go-Lucky: Another superb movie from Mike Leigh. No big plot. So hard to say what the movie is about. But goes much beyond usual Hollywood conventions in potraying characters. Set in London.

Benjamin Button: Hated the movie. Love Fincher and the attention to period detail and make up. But felt the story was a ego trip by Pitt. Put me off badly.

Slumdog Millionaire: So much already said. I like the movie. Period.

Vicky Christina Barcelona: Interesting movie. Allen does great. But hardly among the best of his stuff. But performances especially from Cruz totally blew me away.

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  1. was here!!gud blog!!!!


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