Monthly Archives: February 2009

IITians to form think-tank

(This appeared in The Times of India months ago)

The CEOs are back in the institute which gave them the license to fulfill their dreams. And now, they are determined to give back to the nation where they build their private empires. The alumni of the various Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) are forming a think-tank which will regularly bring out policy papers on key issues affecting the country such as affirmative action, rural entrepreneurship and technical education. Continue reading


Tamil publishing: What has changed?

When Tamil literary giant P Singaram wrote ‘Puyalile Oru Thoni’ in the late 1970s, the manuscript struggled to find a home. The book, first published in condensed form, as no publisher would touch it, is now acknowledged as a classic. But today, publishers — big, small, alternative or mainstream — are struggling to find contributors, marking a reversal in the trend of writers running pillar to post to get a publisher. Continue reading