Monthly Archives: December 2008

Poets protest against killings in Sri Lanka

(This appeared in The Times of India)

The Marina had some unusual visitors on Sunday. Over a hundred poets from across the state had gathered, under a makeshift tent near the Gandhi Statue, to protest against the war in Sri Lanka and the killing of Tamils there. Curious passers-by heard resonant, emotional poems filled with the imagery of the war and the “ethnic cleansing of innocent Tamils.” Continue reading


Notes on Sweeney Todd


I hate musicals. I could not watch Chicago beyond the first hour. I hate Sound of Music and My Fair Lady. I can tolerate Singing in the Rain, but only because of the stunning choreography. All of those movies are undoubtedly great works of art and are widely appreciated. I think I hate them because I don’t want singing and dancing in English movies after putting up with them in all the Tamil movies I watch.

I have also always hated the fact that I hate musicals. One of the musicals that I watched in a theatre and adored was Moulin Rouge! The humour was earthy and often wicked. I love what they did with the Police song ‘Roxenne’. And for years after that movie, musicals that stick their middle finger up at the nostalgia and innocence that most such films celebrate were probably not made. But if anyone could make one, it was Tim Burton. Continue reading