Monthly Archives: September 2008

A computer language with English commands

About eight months ago, Aasis Vinayak, 20, a hacker and prodiguous programmer, realized he had a memory problem. Of the multitude of computer languages that he was learning, he could not remember much of the codes or what programmers call syntax. He could as well be learning German and Japanese at the same time and understanding neither. Continue reading


Diary notes

I greeted the rains on Saturday night with an invective. “Oh, shit! It’s raining,” I said as the steady sheet of water poured. I had just swung open the door of the Internet café near home when the rain caught me off guard. For a moment I was joyous. Rains surely meant that I would see some respite from the heat. Then the surprise gave way to the realization that I would not be able to walk the few metres home and to bed. Not for the season’s first time the rain had played spoilsport with my simple plan to get home to food and bed. Continue reading