Reducing this to a diary

A year ago, I wrote this stuff. I was feeling confident that I would never get the sinking feeling of turning 30. A week later, something began eating inside me. I began using phrases like “I am getting too old of this shit”. Now at 31, I am officially depressed about my age.

But you know what, some wishes come true. When I moved jobs last month, it came with a promotion I had craved for. So much for that shit. It made me happy for a week. After that it same day, different shit.


I still think 30 is too old to be disco dancing for the first time in your life. When I first saw the inside of a pub in Bangalore, years before, I knew it would be tough for me to dance. I really had to get drunk first. But then, a couple of days before my b’day my paper had their launch party. And graciously invited the journalists too. Despite that fact that we do the least to sell the damn thing. Half the time, I think we make it very tough for people to sell a newspaper. Well, the dancing part was fun. But staying sober at the end of the party was not. I was stuck with the job of finding people and making sure they got home, while they got crazy drunk.


Compulsive confession: I wonder what the heck I am doing as captain of Chennai metblogs. Anybody has any clues as to how to captain a team?


Btw, if you are wondering, why I am not writing on my blog, it’s because of the job. It keeps me busy and exhausted. I think I will be back to writing pretty soon. And oh, even though I have sworn not to watch DVDs till June end, I will still be watching movies at the theatre. I think I saw Sweeney Todd last. You should see how people at Satyam theatre got fidgety when Depp sang. I think not many people realised it was a musical. Even I felt ackward that Depp began singing as soon as the camera pans to him. But then he sang really well. And the movie was really good, without being great. But I suspect a greater movie has hit the threatres. There Will Be Blood, one of the movies that hit the headlines during the Oscar season, is out. Now if only I had an off day to go and see it.

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