Monthly Archives: April 2008

Kalachuvadu turns 100

The Tamil magazine Kalachuvadu celebrated its landmark hundredth issue, a rare achievement for an alternative magazine publishing in the language, with daylong events on Saturday.

Launched by the late writer Sundara Ramaswamy, popularly called SuRa, in 1988, Kalachuvadu began life as a quarterly magazine publishing quality literature. But SuRa’s dreams remained unfulfilled. The magazine stopped in 1991 with an annual issue. Continue reading


Reducing this to a diary

A year ago, I wrote this stuff. I was feeling confident that I would never get the sinking feeling of turning 30. A week later, something began eating inside me. I began using phrases like “I am getting too old of this shit”. Now at 31, I am officially depressed about my age.

But you know what, some wishes come true. When I moved jobs last month, it came with a promotion I had craved for. So much for that shit. It made me happy for a week. After that it same day, different shit.

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