Of a Jodhaa Akbar review

Guru writes what he think of Jodhaa Akbar and then hesitates to call it a review. He called it a movie opinion, which felt awkward to me, and so I suggest he change it to the more normal movie review.

He points me to this post from Sudhish.

I am kinda freaking out here. Can’t we let simple things be simple? How many hoops does a dog jump before it is called a dog? What sheer display of intellectuality and vocabulary does a movie reviewer display before he is acknowledged as one. That is why we have the words good and bad.  We don’t eliminate the word review itself.

3 responses to “Of a Jodhaa Akbar review

  1. agree buddy..it can still be called a review. No matter how lopsided or non-worthy it may be, it is still a review!!


  2. Yep .. But then as i pointed out i never really wrote an actual review bout’ Jodha Akbar, i just put down my thoughts bout’ the movie. So i guess calling this particular post a movie opinion is justified.

    And bout’ Sudhish’s post, that post did not make me drop the word ‘review’, but that just made me think twice before posting a ‘movie review’. And if i’m convinced bout’ my post being a ‘review’ i’ll surely call it one..

    Cheers.. 😉


  3. But Guru, what is it that a reviewer does after all? Doesn’t he merely give his opinion on what he thinks about different aspects of the movie?

    Your review is your take on the movie. So it can be a review even if it’s an opinion, provided it’s a little detailed. For instance, I cant say “Jodhaa Akbar is a great movie” and then call that a review. I would probably need to say sthing more..maybe abt the actors, the plot, characterization..the music.. then it wd be a review..even if it represents my opinion on all these aspects..


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