Some Tamil movies and why I liked them


In my mind the first big Tamil film of the millennium.  I am pretty sure that good Tamil movies were made since 2000, but some Kaadhal was so different that I thought “oh, wow. We have arrived.” I haven’t seen Kaloori, but I doubt if the two are comparable. I am using the term with hesitation, but I think Kaadhal had a neo-realistic touch. The way that paati or (is it aachi) sits on the front room floor and curses everyone walking by. Sandhya’s father’s character. That montage during the song sequence. All of that was awesome.


Quite innovative. Cut from a knife going up the ass to a coconut coming down on another. awesome. Can Saravanan act? Like this? Phew! Never knew. And what a debut from Karthi. Pretty damn good. Even that girl Priyamani was good.


Liked it a whole lot less than the above two, but still a very good movie.

Chennai -28.

Have seen only in bits and parts, but extremely good.

Starting from 2000, do you have any Tamil movies to add?

I would like to make a top 10 list of Tamil movies since the 2000. Make your suggestions that will go into a new post.

15 responses to “Some Tamil movies and why I liked them

  1. Kurudhi Punal : Awesome movie, an exception amidst the similar kind of movies that arjun and captain has made in the past,. No running around trees, no lovey dovey stuff. Wonderful and plainly realistic movie.

    Anbe Sivam: Another master piece. Wonderful story like and the characters portrayed are truly wonderful.

    Baadsha: A Rajini movie exception. Fantastic acting skills and story line there.


  2. would have added anbe sivam and kurudhi punal. but the latter was made before 2000. i am asking for movies after that year.

    baadsha wont fit in. may be i will put up a separate list of entertainers.


  3. vadivel’s imsai arasan 23 pulikesi


  4. AFAIK, Kurudhipunal is a dub from a Telugu movie called “Drohi”, a remake of “Drohkaal” by Govind Nihalani.



  5. watch out for my blog in the weeks to come. i will be coming up with a list of movies and lengthy reviews for each one.


    I have watched the movie TAMIL MA…this movie telling the reality of the present tamilnadu…..Really a great movie


  7. All time Classics of Tamil Cinema:

    * Anbae Sivam & Tamil M A
    * Virumandi & Kurudhi Punal
    * Kannathil Muthamitaal & Roja
    * Pithamagan & Mahanadhi


  8. Aval Peru Tamilarasi.
    Great Movie form Meera kathiravan


  9. angadi theru!


  10. I loved Anbe Sivam and Vasool Raja m.b.b.s was really nice as well. I love Kamal Hassan, the man is super fantastically awesome!
    Ghillli was a very nice movie with excellent screenplay! (yes, I am THAT girl who watches Vijay’s masala movies…occasionally!)
    Chandramukhi…well the story and screenplay were CRAPtastic (I mean what exactly are they trying to say at the end…a possession or multiple personality disorder?) I watched the movie at least 25 times and I still didn’t understand. But the only thing that was undeniably brilliant was Jyothika’s acting…!
    Ghajini was really good…(the Hindi version didn’t quite measure up to the Tamil one), Surya’s acting was REALLY sensational.
    Speaking of Surya…Ayan was excellent, the movie had a certain charm that other Tamil films seemed to lack!

    Don’t really know my favourite movie of the above but I definitely without a doubt know my LEAST favourite movie and that goes to….(*cue drumroll*)…
    >>> ENDHIRAN<<<

    You would think that with the super star and the most beautiful woman in the world starring in a film would be entertaining. Especially coupled with music by the Mozart of Madras and the leading director of Tamil film industry, you would at least expect to not come out of the cinema with a pounding headache attached with an irresistible urge to bang your head against the floor until you can forget what you just witnessed.

    Alas…the Rajinikanth and Aishwarya staring film, with one of the best if not THE best music director in the world composing and directed by Shankar at a staggering 132 crore rupees disappoints me at a deep subatomic level!

    I have more thoughts about this (and I use this term loosely) movie….and if you want to know the reason for my deep hatred for this film and motives behind this review, do reply and I will sate your curiosity!!!


  11. @Dramaqueen005
    Why do you hate endhiran? I think it was a fantastic movie. It certainly makes the top of my favorites.


    • Because…first of all…the story lacked the charm of Rajini and the story in itself made soo little sense. It is impossible to make a robot feel feelings because humans feel because of hormonal communication through the body. It’s what makes us humans, because WE carry DNA! The whole concept of a robot falling in love with a human is ridiculousness with a cherry on top.
      Then the whole talking with mosquitoes scene…I was cringing throughout it! The music was bland at best!
      And by the end of the movie when the robot army came out and the scene was too close to the transformers to be called original! I walked out of the cinema at that point…because I knew that if I had stayed then I WOULD have killed myself!
      Shankar NEEDED to prove that he could direct a movie as well as any HOLLYWOOD director….this is a movie that was made for Shankar’s sake. It was just advertised VERY well…and was labelled the MUST see movie and so everybody bought like Rs.1000 tickets in India and $30 tickets in Australia to go see it. It was considered a success ‘cuz it made money, but my opinion doesn’t change, it was THE worst Tamil movie of ALL time.!


  12. No offense dramaqueen005, but when the same emotional side of Robots where explored by Hollywood directors in “Terminator, I Robot…etc., it was accepted and believed by audience all over the world, then why can’t a tamil movie have a Robot exploring its emotional side?…..


  13. bro….ever heard of artificial intelligence and the word “fiction”. Its also impossible for humans to fly, but you don’t see people complain about how stupid the character superman is. sure u might think the plot was shitty, but the action, comedy, and creativity were there. the entertainment industry is there to simply entertain…not write mind blowing story lines that cope with reality. Clearly u werent entertained, but a buncha other people were so…..yeh.


  14. My all time favorite and realistic movies, I will never include any kamalahasan movies as he is very cinematic and camera-conscious actor, even though his films are realistic, he will make it an artificial movie. On the other hand, thala rajini, even though story lacks the punch and realism, trying his best to portray that movie as realistic as possible. Even Badsha, because of rajini, that movie was fantastic, and rajini with very new faces in the team, carried the burden of that movie on his shoulder single-handedly. In short, rajini is like foreign cricketers like Dale Steyn, and Micheal Holding, who carried the bowling burden on their shoulders, whereas our Indian Bowlers even though bowled ordinarily, always appreciating themselves and telling that they are the best in the world. But in real case, the Indian Bowling was so ordinary that even Bangladesh team (lowly ranked team) can win more abroad matches than India. Very selfish and Idiotic cricketers are Indian Cricketers. The same will apply for this selfish idiot kamalahasan. Rajini is the true champion as foreign cricketers.


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