Dreams of writing

I haven’t always wanted to become a writer. I don’t quite recall when I did. But J.J. Sila Kurippugal certainly had something to do with it. I must have been about 20 when I read it.

My first short story, the one that I half wrote and then tore up in a fit of impotent rage, was about the suicide of a 20-year-old, who resorts to the extreme step after his sister , who really loves him, half-conspires with her newly-married husband to cheat him out of his property. I wrote three pages and when I read it six months later my own handwriting was not legible to me. I could not make head or tail of my own plot and so I tore that one up.

Next one was about a kid who sees his father for the first time when that latter returns from war. Turned out to be a dud too. Deleted that file from my comp.

Then years later, I wrote this one.

You might presume I that would be happy to finish that story. Far from it. I don’t think that it’s very good.

I keep dreaming even if do nothing about it. I rather enjoy the dream these days. It is quite dangerous to wallow in your dream if you don’t do anything about them. Dangerous. I better remember that. If I ever want to write, that I is.

2 responses to “Dreams of writing

  1. Dreams move on if you wait too long dear. When you are rich and famous someday, what you thought of as beginner’s scraps will be sought after!


  2. i dont think i want to rich and famous. i just want enough to eat and loads of time to sleep.


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