Monthly Archives: November 2007

US polls: Stuff I don’t know

Been reading about the US elections. Am thoroughly confused. Democrats are leftists and Republicans rightists, right? Are Democrats always liberal and Republican always conservative? What exactly is bipartisanism? I know Rumsfeld is a neo-conservative, but what does it exactly mean to be that?


My not so happening life

Over the last weekend, I sat at home reading from the New Yorker and New York Times. You are no doubt, impressed, but we must move on.

Actually, all weekend I kept telling myself that people move on. To other things.

But as the hours progressed, I drifted back and forth from a state of sleeplessness to wakefulness, when I would immediately being reading. When I got bored, I read a bit out of Chronicles of Narnia. I ate, I slept, had a haircut. I rarely ventured outside my new home. Mostly I was in bed. There is no cable yet, so I couldn’t watch much TV. I achieved boredom. Or something close to the opposite state of Nirvana.

My phone rang thrice. I let it ring. Once when I picked up, it was an recorded message from Airtel.

I was too broke to go to the movies. Was too lazy to go the ATM and check if there was money. Anyways, it began raining on Sunday, I think. I did rain a lot all through Monday.

Then I think I lost my mind a bit. I drifted. All over my past. Eventually, I did come back. Got myself back to work.

Important day coming up tomorrow. Have to be ready.

Very short stories (stories?!)

There’s, believe it or not, a cool, new way to write short stories. Have a look.

Quote of the day

“The technique is at the service of the story and the most difficult thing to do is to tell a story simply, and by this, I don’t mean a simple story. Telling a very complex idea of the subject in a manner that everyone can understand it so that I can engage all types of people – the masses, the intellectuals, the critics, – everyone can understand the subject this film.”

Majid Majidi, Oscar-nominated director of Children of Heaven.

Read the published story here or the complete version here.

Thriller in Telugu

Watch Chiranjeevi and Radha re-enact Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The Telugu superstar does a great job, but still this is one funny video.

Worst movie titles ever

There’s a list of the worse movie titles ever at MSN Movies.  Have a look. One thing though, I thought Octopussy was a pretty good movie title. 🙂

Norman Mailer dead at 84

Norman Mailer is dead. I hope you got to know that without me telling you about it. But most probably you may not have listened to this interview done by NPR. Wished we had an NPR equivalent in India. It’s unfortunate that we don’t even have one on radio.