Top 10 soundtracks

A poll by Vanity Fair magazine has chosen the top 10 movie soundtracks of all time. The 1980s hit Purple Rain, which was scored by Prince, topped the list. One my favourite soundtracks, Pulp Fiction, which director Quentin Tarantino filled up with personal and often cranky choices, is also there.

 Here then is the list.

2 responses to “Top 10 soundtracks

  1. 10 is too small a number for a list like this my dear; even if i do enjoy most of the tracks there!
    Do you think you could ask ur regular readers to come up with their lists? or maybe you could make a list get us to comment on that.
    Or maybe you could follow that system of crdits likethe top 100 movie ratings you posted sometime ago.
    Or maybe my ignorance of blog matters will once again leave you amused!!!


  2. regular readers? huh? what’s that?

    there are about 20 people who stop by, and while I am grateful to them they dont exactly constitute a readership.

    i agree that the list is two short. if u scout the internet, u will find many such lists, some of them are bound to be longer 🙂 my knowledge is too shallow to attempt a list. besides, it’s laborious work and these posts are supposed to be fun to do.


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