Why I love the movies?

Movies aren’t anything like people. An evening at the cinema hall isn’t like an evening with your girlfriend. Movies don’t expect to be wined and dined. They just expect to be seen. You pay. You enter. You have fun. Period.
The flickering images on screen are seductive, but aren’t any match for a girl. But at least they are hassle free.

5 responses to “Why I love the movies?

  1. It’s good. Is it out of ur personal experience?


  2. er?…yes. personal opinion rather than experience…


  3. poda dai..
    what are u saying nandhu?? it’s what comes after the wining and dining that makes the whole experience worthwhile…


  4. hi,
    reveal thy identity


  5. I agree with you. Goin to movies lets out a different feeling. Happiness, i think.


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